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I couldn't stop myself from devouring you.
You Make Me Cruel
Jan-1st-2010 10:05 am - welcome
this little entry contains some great links you should go look at. credit must go to appleleaf for the inspiration in the layout and the source of the coding. ^^ thanks so much! you can also see premade_ljs, everything_lj, ljlayouts.org, and createblog.com for more goodies. check out my website, yuki_hime (graphics journal), art journal, and fieryamazon@myspace. yes i have finally succumb to the posion of myspace! my posting-grounds are at fanfiction.net, a single spark.com, mediaminer.org. these are my all-time favorite fics. some are completed and some are still in the works. mlmonty {guilty, i don't want a mate, overcoming insecurities, to fall into rut}, a_hollow_year { tales from the house of the moon }, wheezambufix { possession }, scottishfae_fic { unexpected endeavors }, hollow_house { good enough for her }, and bromantic. go check out music at the community bubble and cel (if i can ever find his link!). and finally the adorable mood theme came from frostianmoods. also if you are looking for a list of fanlistings i have joined, then please see the user info page & FLUTTER-FREAK.

i've decided to update the link list so all icon communities can be found under the cut. from now on it will be dedicated to other authors found on lj. they are wonderful and i read them all, so it comes highly recommended. since i've turned to writing more, i want everyone to know that i am still around, just doing less graphics since my painting has picked up. anyway, check the side column and below!
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here's a list of some of the places you can find my fiction. hey, i gotta at least pimp it at my own journal. ^^
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May-2nd-2008 11:12 pm - XD
well, i'm not dead, yet, but i had a close call. XD i broke my left wrist and typing is just way too hard for me at the moment. although i have been writing, it justs needs to be typed! in a month, i'm hoping i can get back to my computer activities again. *crosses fingers*

anyway, i have been on MAL = myanimelist.NET = since january and was completely sucked in. damn i guess i have to say that now anime and manga is an addiction for me. ^^ guess it's better than drugs. lol. you can check out my profile here. i don't even have all the anime and manga added yet. i'm so lazy! feel free to pm me. ^^ i've also just started a veoh.com account. in the future, i'm hoping to add some videos. i've been playing with the idea to upload some episodes but i'm still not sure since there are many on there already. >,<

i've also been completely engrossed in VAMPIRE KNIGHT. awesome awesome manga. the anime just started and is now up to four episodes. pretty good but i prefer the manga. although it is nice to see it animated. Hino-sama is a genius! i made a semi-quick gif. got some spoilers but you know i couldn't help it. :P

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Jan-28th-2008 03:22 pm - Indelible
i've been crazy busy lately with my family. my sister is having her baby wednesday~! so i'm leaving early in the morning tomorrow. i'm not looking forward to the seven hour drive or the time with my family. it's hard to explain but sometimes we get on each other's nerves and time away will be hard to come by. i'll just have to rely on my good friends - the pen and paper. >,< [yay, lots of typing when i get home!] sometimes, i really hate it when my personal life interferes with my 'me-time'.

anyways, i wrote this late last night ~ or early this morning....whatever. i couldn't sleep until i got it down. it hasn't been through any beta yet, so be warned. i needed a break from the longer works that i have been doing - or not. this turned into about 14 pages (verdana 10).

Kagome is given a love tonic that, once digested, would cause her to fall madly in love with whoever she come in connected with next. If the relationship isn’t consummated within three days then the memories she had during that time would be erased as would the affection she held of whomever it was toward. [oneshot][S/K][NC-17]

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Dec-10th-2007 06:17 pm - all is lost

i have been home for a little over a week now (yay) but unfortunately my workload has only gotten heavier! i'm still sorting through my emails (almost 1,000) - i was gone slightly longer than i anticipated - and with the holiday season coming up, things will only get worse (at least until after the new year).

at the moment, i am unable to give an accurate update on any of the fanfictions i'm working on, so please bear with me. i need to get any beta work out of the way first, but you can expect it to be slow. sorry! unfortunately i got a personal life and personal problems that must be dealt with before anything else. ~yeah, i hate those situations too.

Oct-26th-2007 01:51 am - two new stamps
i did a couple of stamps. ^^ support the authors - feel free to take! cross-posted @ yuki_hime

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